Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Juventus - Villarreal: prediction "1"

Juventus did great in the group stage of the Champions League, but with poor results in Italy, hardly anyone has put the Bianconeri on the list of possible winners of the trophy from the tournament of the rich. At this point, however, Juventus certainly finds a place there, demonstrating good play and perseverance.

In the first place, however, the Italian grandmaster must skip the round of 16, and after the first clash with Villarreal the status quo is equal. The new favorite Dusan Vlahovic brought Juventus ahead in Spain after a few seconds of play, but Danny Parejo made the final 1: 1 in 66 minutes. We can conclude that this result was absolutely natural in view of the events on the ground.

Juventus continued with great results after this match and achieved four victories in four matches. The team took a goal lead before the rematch with Fiorentina at home for the Italian Cup, and on Saturday beat Sampdoria 3-1 in Serie A. In turn, Villarreal did not disappoint in the home with Espanyol and Celta Vigo, but lost as a guest of Osasuna, which was the wrong step on the road to a place in the top six.

I mentioned that Juventus did well in the tournament in the autumn, and that includes five victories, all home games were won against Malmö, Zenit and Chelsea. Villarreal received a quota for the tournament as the winner of the Europa League trophy. The Yellow Submarine may regret scoring just ten points and staying behind Manchester United in Group F, as they deserved to win at Old Trafford and the loss at home was not natural.

After a brief retrospective, I return to my prediction for today's match. The favorite is clear and I am even pleasantly surprised by the good odds that bookmakers offer for the success of Juventus in regular time. The Bianconeri have gained momentum and even in Turin the biggest optimists can safely talk about treble this season. Villarreal is a proven tournament fighter, but today I think they will not have enough experience and class to oppose their host.


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