Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Roma - Feyenoord: prediction "2"

The Air Albania Stadium in Tirana will host the first-ever UEFA League of Nations final. Italy's Roma and Netherlands's Feyenoord are vying for the trophy. The coaching battle will be led by Jose Mourinho, who could become the first specialist with a trophy from the three European competitions and the fragile in this profession Arne Slot.

Feyenoord was the one who got better until the final clash. Both teams advanced directly from the quarterfinals in the spring, as they won their groups in the fall. In the first elimination phase, the Dutch did not leave any chance to Partizan in two victories with a total score of 8:3. It was far more difficult for Roma with Vitesse, who, although minimally defeated at home, led Olympico to 91 minutes, and Abraham's goal put the Wolves ahead.

In the quarterfinals, Roma met Budjo / Glimt for the fourth time this season, losing again in Norway. However, everything in the rematch was decided in the first half hour, and the final result was 4: 0 in favor of the "Wolves". Feyenoord also met a well-known opponent from the group stage - Slavia Prague. The match in Rotterdam offered six goals and left everything for the rematch after a spectacular 3:3 draw. In Prague, the Czechs should have had the advantage, but Feyenoord won 3:1.

With exactly the same result as in the round of 16, with a draw and a victory, Roma went through Leicester one step before the final, but this time the success with 1: 0 was at home, and 1: 1 ended the match in England. Feyenoord continued with the resultant football against Marseille, where they may have conceded two goals, but responded with three at home. The rematch in France surprisingly did not offer goals.

Roma's program has been busy since March, which may have prevented Mourinho's players from showing their best in every game. The victories lately are not many, but such was recorded in the last round over Turin, to keep the sixth position in Serie A. Feyenoord allowed a loss to Twente at the end of the season, but in a match of no particular importance. The team from Rotterdam achieved the maximum in the company of Ajax and PSV, winning bronze medals in the Eredivisie.

On paper, Jose Mourinho's Roma is the favorite, but Feyenoord is pursuing his first European trophy in 20 years, with an impressive success in European finals with four wins and just one defeat. Also, the Dutch remained the only undefeated in the League of Conferences and are the most successful team in the competition.

The two teams that are at the top of the most accurate shots in the tournament come out on the field, and this is a serious prerequisite for an excellent match. Hitting both doors seems like a must-see today, but I will trust my instincts and predict another successful European final in Feyenoord's history. Such a triumph will be absolutely deserved, and we should not rule out a better performance of the symbolic guests on foreign European soil during the season.


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