Saturday, 4 June 2022

Hungary - England: prediction "2"

In the second edition of the League of Nations, Hungary won a place in League A after finishing first in the lower league. The Hungarians have beaten the competition of Russia, Serbia and Turkey and will now face Germany, Italy and England, their first opponent.

The two national teams will play their first matches since March, when they held two controls each. The "Three Lions" achieved two victories, one with 2: 1 over Switzerland and the other with 3: 0 over Côte d'Ivoire. Hungary lost its first test, which was against Serbia with 0: 1, but then with the same result subdued Northern Ireland.

Prior to the controls in March, Britain and Hungary were vying for a place at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, but only the Three Lions won one. Both teams were in the same qualifying group, with England coming out the winner and Poland second. Hungary finished in fourth place with nine points less than their upcoming opponent.

In the qualifiers for Qatar, the upcoming opponents played the first official matches against each other in the XXI century. England definitely won their visit with 4: 0, and the match at the mythical "Wembley" ended in a draw 1: 1. Prior to these two clashes, they had two more controls behind them in the current century, both of which ended in triumph for the Three Lions.

Hungary is an outsider in this group and it is expected that it will be very difficult for the upcoming hosts to reach a point in their six matches. After the home match against the "Three Lions", Hungary will have a difficult visit to the European champion Italy, and then will end the first stage of the tournament with a match on their own land against Germany.

England have one loss away from Hungary, but it was back in 1962. Then, in a World Cup match, the Hungarians won 2: 1 and together with the "Three Lions" came out of the group stage. Now, however, I do not see how the hosts will reach even a point after the end of this clash. I expect the England team to leave with a victory and a difference.


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